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SensorCell™ Technology

SensorCells Limit Tissue Contact Pressure
The chief design element of this system is an array of inflatable SensorCells that replace the spring elements of a conventional mattress. In a normal mattress, the support force increases as the mattress is compressed, resulting in an increase of interface pressure that makes bony and prominent areas vulnerable. TheraTorr's SensorCells are designed to apply constant upward force as they are compressed. The figure below compares the typical behavior of spring and foam mattresses to that of a SensorCell. TheraTorr's technology is uniquely able to limit contact pressure.
The SensorCell upward force remains constant for the entire depth of response - A full 5 inches! A deeper effective cradle allows a patient's weight to be distributed over a greater surface area, thus reducing the tissue contact pressure again.
Independent SensorCells
Each of the 500+ cells forming a TheraTorr therapeutic surface acts independently to lift and support the contours of the patient's body, without allowing tissue pressure to exceed the system setting.The currently available, powered pressure-reduction beds have less than 25 horizontally-oriented air pillows. Such a small number of cells is not as efficient at distributing pressure, requires a higher systen pressure for flotation and cannot effectively control pressure at bony areas.