Needed: An economical, programmable, healing surface.
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SensorCell™ flotation therapy mattress

Pressure Ulcers: Frequent, costly and preventable
Millions of Americans suffer from painful pressure ulcers, and the numbers are increasing due to the increasing aging demographic.

Pressure Ulcers are preventable and treatable, but the costs can be high - requiring expensive specialty beds and intensive nursing care. Reimbursement for treatment is low or unavailable.

Health care providers are under increasing pressure to reduce the incidence and costs of pressure ulcers, and patients need comfort during the healing process.
TheraTorr's Platform Technology: SensorCell™
TheraTorr's developments are based on an innovative, proprietary*, core technology - the SensorCell. A thousand independent, air-cushioned cells comfortably support the patient and reduce pressure on vulnerable areas.

Excessive pressure is eliminated by the individual action of the SensorCells, even for small bony prominences like the heel.

The SensorCell design offers numerous technical, medical and economic advantages, promising an economical solution for a vexing public health problem.

TheraTorr's SensorCell
*Patent Pending
SensorCell Flotation Video